Bio of Claire Hutchinson, M.A.



Claire Hutchinson received her B.A. (Honours) in English from the University of Winnipeg and her M.A. in English from the University of Manitoba. Claire has two screenwriting certificates from UCLA, and she is a produced and award-winning screenwriter, script analyst, film festival judge, speaker, and producer. Her screenplay, "The Doctor," won the Grand Prize at Life Fest and the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festivals.

Claire has consulted for companies such as Living Water Media, Visual Productions, Worthington Media, CV Films, and Abel Company. Here is a video endorsement of her script analysis services from Emmy and Telly award winner Jonathan Abel at

Her credits included "Tomorrow" (2018), "The Thought of You" (2018), "Living the Dream" (2018), "Lucky's Treasure" (2017) and "Waves" (2015). "Lucky’s Treasure" stars Michael Ironside ("Top Gun" and "Total Recall") and is distributed by Pureflix Entertainment ("God's Not Dead") and Universal Studios. Claire also judges ICVM Scene Shop, 168 Film Festival, 168 Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition, and Life Fest Film Festival.

Claire's latest script, "Tomorrow," was filmed in June of 2018 and will be released at the 168 Film Festival in August in Los Angeles.

Her goal is to write uplifting family friendly and Christian screenplays, and to inspire and equip screenwriters and producers to proclaim the gospel throughout the world.


Claire has been critiquing scripts for a number of years. She contributed to a client achieving 2nd Place in the Kairos Prize with "The Shoe Box." Her clients have been satisfied with her work. See the Recommendations section and the letter from Ken Berry of Living Water Media regarding his script "Giant Stride."


Under her company Ambassador Communications, Claire has been publishing the Christian Screenwriters' Newsletter since 2005. The newsletter has a subscriber base of over 550 screenwriters, producers and others interested in faith-based filmmaking. To subscribe, please send an email to


Claire is the Founder of the Faith and Values Screenwriting Competition, a competition geared to finding the best faith-based and family oriented screenplays for production. The first place winner of this competition went on to sell his script to Believe Pictures (Michael Landon, Jr. and Brian Bird). After Claire critiqued the second place winner’s script, the second place winner later rewrote the script, and in 2010, submitted the script to the Kairos Prize Screenwriting Competition and won 2nd place and $15,000. (Contest is closed at the present time).


  • 2018 — "Tomorrow" — Writer, for Gary Emrick Productions"
  • 2018 — "Living the Dream" — Writer, co-producer, director, production co-ordinator. Released in April of 2018
  • 2017 — "The Ring" — Executive Producer.
  • 2017 — "The Thought of You" for Gary Centrone of CV Films. I was the script consultant.
  • 2016 — "Lucky’s Treasure" for Shane Hawks of Grace Alone Films. I was the screenwriter. The film is distributed by Pureflix Entertainment ("God’s Not Dead," and "The Case for Christ") and Universal Studios, and stars Michael Ironside, Delaney, and J.T. Neal.
  • 2015 — "Waves" for Gary Centrone of CV Films. I was the script consultant. The film was an official selection of Roma Cinemadoc and the Los Angeles Cinefest. It was named Best of the Fest by the Inspired Faith Film Festival.
  • 2011 — "The Third Day" for Marc Villiger of Visual Productions. I did a polish on the script and the film about the resurrection of Jesus. The film is distributed by Vision Video. The film was nominated in 2013 for five Crown Awards, including Best Picture and Best International Film.


  • 2017 — "Heroes from Heaven" — Winner of the Christian Film Festival: Best Writer, Best Script, Best Script Fan Favorite
  • 2013 — "The Third Day" — Nominated for five ICVM Crown Awards, including Best International Film and Best Picture
  • 2012 — "The Doctor" — 1st Place in the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival News Article:
  • 2011 — "The Doctor" — 1st Place in the Life Fest Film Festival held in L.A., CA News Article:
  • 2009 — "That’s Amore" — Top Ten Finalist in the Mafia Short Screenplay Competition sponsored by Pavaline Studios
  • 2006 — "Harry and Marge" (Play Version) — 3rd Place in the Humana Festival of New American Plays for the Actors Theatre in Louisville, KY
  • 2005-2008 — "The Sisterhood of Women Helping Women," "Caleb the Colt" and "The Coat" — Quarterfinalist and Special Mention in the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition


  • 2013-present — Judge of the 168 Film Festival
  • 2012-present — Development Executive for the Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition sponsored by 168 Film Project.
  • 2012-present — Judge of the Life Fest Film Festival, LA, CA
  • 2014 — Judge of the ICVM Crown Awards
  • 2007 — I consulted on the script "The Shoe Box," which was the second-place winner of my Faith and Values Screenwriting Competition. In 2010, after the writer rewrote the script, she entered it in the Kairos Prize and won 2nd Place and $15,000.



  • "Hadleyburg" — Musical play adaptation based on Mark Twain's short story, "The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg."
  • "The Best Christmas Ever" — Play adaptation of tract entitled "The Cobbler."
  • "Harry and Marge" — Play adaptation of screenplay, "Harry and Marge."
  • "The Coat" — Play adaptation of screenplay, "The Coat."
  • "Caleb the Colt" — Musical play adaptation of screenplay, "Caleb the Colt."


  • "Tomorrow" — Pro-life Short Drama
  • "The Czar's Letters" — Historical Drama
  • "Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers: The Dan Wooding Story" — Drama, 6-part miniseries
  • "Heroes from Heaven" — Sci-Fi
  • "Living the Dream" — Comedy
  • "Skipper and Babe: Saving Lives" — Animation
  • "Lucky's Treasure" — Drama
  • "The Mystery of the Christmas Stars" — Drama Live Action/Animation
  • "For the Love of Freedom" — Documentary
  • "The Magic Pen" — Comedy
  • "The Turkey and the Hen: A Thanksgiving Love Story" — Animation
  • "The Star of Bethlehem" — Animated Musical
  • "Crocodile Love" — Animated Musical
  • "Senior Stuntman: Episode 1: Be Brave, Be Strong" — 1 Hour TV Action-Comedy
  • "Flat Rock Indiana: Episode 1: The Treasure of Flat Rock" — 1/2 Hour TV Comedy
  • "Status Update" — Romantic Comedy
  • "Cell Phone Addict" — Romantic Comedy
  • "The Battle for the Kingdom" — Fantasy
  • "Supermom" — Sci-Fi Action Adventure/Comedy
  • "Flower Power" — Children's Animated 1-Hour TV Series Pilot
  • "The Woman at the Well" — Religious Period Drama
  • "Finding Mary" — Drama
  • "I'm Worth the Wait" — Short Drama
  • "Caleb the Colt" — Animated Musical
  • "Harry and Marge" — Drama
  • "Manitoba Crime Scenes" — Crime Drama Feature and Series


  • 2017 — Speaker at the SoCal Christian Writers' Conference at Biola University: Continuing Session on Screenwriting and critiquing participants' writing.
  • 2017 — Speaker at Library Event: Claire Hutchinson's Screenwriting Career and "Lucky's Treasure"
  • 2016 — Speaker with Terry Porter, WGA Agent, at Temple of Praise Arizona:
    Topic: The Christian Film Movement: Our Role and the Church's Role.
  • 2015 — Speaker at Trinity Bible Church:
    Topic: The Christian Film Movement: My Role in it and the Church's Role in it.
  • 2015 — Speaker at the Phoenix Screenwriters' Association:
    Topic: Succeeding as a Screenwriter Outside of Hollywood.
  • 1987-1990 — University of Manitoba — Lecturer in English Composition.


  • 2004-2005 — UCLA – Certificate in Professional Program in Screenwriting
  • 2002-2004 — UCLA – Certificate in Feature Film Writing
  • 1994 — University of Manitoba – Master of Arts (English)
  • 1987 — University of Winnipeg – Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English