Script Consulting

Script Consulting Fees

  1. Script Coverage — $175: 2-3 pages of notes on the main aspects of the script including theme, character, story, dialogue, formatting/grammar, etc. This is used mainly as a tool to determine if the writing is headed in the right direction.
  2. Standard Script Consultation — $600: 5-8 pages of detailed notes on all aspects of the script, plus suggestions for a rewrite and advice as to next steps. Polish notes after the rewrite: $300.
  3. Standard Script Consultation plus In-depth Notes — $1200: 10-12 pages of detailed notes on all aspects of the script, plus suggestions for a rewrite and advice as to next steps. Written notes on the script itself. Polish notes after the rewrite: $600.
  4. Total Script Analysis — $1800: A 20-30 page line by line analysis with an hour phone call to follow up. Polish notes after the rewrite: $900.



Short films


Producer's Consultation

$5000 – I will take you from outline to first draft to final draft. Includes consulting on your outline, initial draft and four additional drafts.

Enhanced Producer's Consultation

$7500 – includes all of the above plus availability during all stages of production, and consultation on two cuts of the film.


I usually charge WGA wage rates to write an original script, but I'm willing to negotiate the rate for lower budgeted films.


Thank you for such excellent analysis and suggestions. I see what you mean, and I guess I intuitively realized some of those weaknesses. When I receive the marked up script, I'll get back on it. Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about scene solutions to amp up the conflict and vary the settings. (In a way, I was trying to limit settings to meet a lower budget, but if that kills the script, then what's the point?) I do agree with your recommendations. I'm working on a non-fiction book right now, but will soon finish. So while it sits before revision, I'll dig in to the script. Good point about Derek so quickly getting a job. Also about the 40s and 50s racism. I wanted to avoid that, but needed something to unite the neighborhood and pastor against them. I like your idea of the pastor being upset about their lack of responsibility in protecting the residents.

I'll email you again if I have further questions. But I believe your help is invaluable.


Victoria Dorshorn, writer of "Faith House"
Claire Hutchinson took my novel of over 250 pages (70,000 words) and did a magnificent professional edit to my draft. A test market was just completed to over 100 teachers, principals, and school administrators. They were amazed as to the clarity and flow of the story-line. I attribute much of that to the expertise that Claire providing from her editing. I look forward to having her edit again for me in the future and highly recommend her services if you are considering a professional edit of your material.

RW Nelsona
SilverWind Entertainment