"Claire Hutchinson is a very gifted writer and is easy to work with. In my two plus years of working with her, her researching and writing have proven invaluable to my documentary. I strongly recommend her to any production team!"
— Jeffrey Worthington, Producer/Director, "For the Love of Freedom"


"Ms. Claire Hutchinson performed a polish on my recent documentary script/film, "The Third Day." Not only did she enhance the theme and the flow of the material, but her level of attention to even the minutest detail of the script/film was very impressive. She is a talented writer and script consultant, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take his or her script/film to the highest level of quality and success."
— Marc Villiger, Filmproduzent, Visual Productions


"Recently I chose Ms. Hutchinson to complete a script analysis on my first screenplay. She finished the analysis in approximately one-third the time I'd anticipated and gave detailed feedback regarding format, structure, plot, characters, marketability and more. She commented on the strengths of my work as well as the areas which required development. Furthermore, she recommended current, readily available resources to assist me in making the suggested changes. I would strongly recommend using Ms. Hutchinson's services. She is trustworthy, professional, skillful and an unselfish mentor. If she were teaching a screenwriting class, I'd take it! I'll use her services again and consider it an honor to recommend her to anyone needing them."
— Linda Bosso, Screenwriter, "Under the Guns: The Annie Wittenmeyer Story" (Based on the book)


--Great News for "Giant Stride" by Ken Berry (a script I consulted on):

Hello Claire,

Some exciting news about our movie. I revised the screenplay after getting your notes. Most of what you suggested I incorporated. So thank you again.

About a month ago, we sent it to an Orlando based casting agent/producer, Amy Severson. She called right after reading it so that "we could hear the emotion in her voice." She loved it and said "we have to get this movie made."

The next day I sent it to an acquaintance from church. He's involved in the financing and distribution of faith-based films. We've been talking with him on occasion since the time we started the screenplay process. He sent the screenplay to Jena Waldron with Prelude LImited, the low budget division of Prelude Pictures. She sent our friend this email after reading it.

I just finished reading the script through tears and laughter. I could not stop reading it until it was over. It is the best story I have read in a very long time. I loved it so much and would LOVE for this to be a Prelude Limited picture.. There is not ONE thing I would even change. My opinion is to put this in our slate of films. I would LOVE to produce it!

We were blown away by her response. Our first screenplay! She sent it to Mark Koch who runs Prelude Pictures. He read it and absolutely loved it. He requested a meeting with us the next day. He said he would drive up from West Palm Beach. Turns out he liked it so much he wanted to buy the screenplay to produce & direct himself. Make it a multi-million dollar production. Dangled a large check as incentive.

We were flattered and humbled but we respectfully turned him down. God didn't put us on this path to write the screenplay and then sell it and walk away.

We've decided to co-produce it with Amy and her partner, Matt Johnson. Amy and Matt have experience with the business side of movie making and certainly loads of experience with casting/talent relations. Amy believes the screenplay is strong enough to attract both financing and name talent. So that's where we are. Thank you again for helping us get to this point.

Ken Berry
Living Water Media, LLC