Scripts of Claire Hutchinson, M.A.

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Senior Stuntman: 1-Hour TV Series — Action/Comedy
“Senior Stuntman” is an action-packed comedy that is both exciting and heartfelt. Daredevil stuntman, Ed Hughes, 60’s, and his team of young stuntpeople perform heart-stopping stunts, while facing life’s challenges.

Flat Rock, Indiana: Episode 1: The Treasure of Flat Rock: ½ Hour TV Comedy
The series is set in the quaint little farming town of Flat Rock, Indiana. Bill Wiens, a home renovator and a lone wolf who is the object of Widow Daisy Mayberry’s affection, finds three treasure rocks inscribed with the Delaware language, that point to a treasure that the Delaware buried hundreds of years ago in the Flat Rock River.


The Star of Bethlehem: Family Animation/Musical
In Bethlehem near the time of Christ’s birth, an outspoken female sheep, dissatisfied with her life full of restrictions, struggles to find love, freedom, and meaning in a world filled with discrimination and injustice.

Crocodile Love: Family Animation/Musical
Cindy, the entertaining crocodile, loses her parents when oil spills in the Florida Gulf. She deals with her grief by falling head over heels in love with the man that rescues her, the conservationist Steve Taylor.

The Sisterhood of Women Helping Women: Animated Short
Contest Placement: Quarter Finalist in the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition

A pregnant female fly leaves her philandering husband, and with the help of a spinster firefly, stops a female entomology professor from getting an abortion.

Caleb the Colt: Family Animation/Musical
Contest Placement: Special Mention in the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition

Set in the Judea of 33 A.D., this is the story of Caleb, an undersized, rebellious talking donkey who learns to trust and obey humans, and let Jesus ride him into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Flower Power: Children’s Animation
A group of flowers that have been given the magical ability to transport themselves anywhere they want brighten people’s lives and attempt to reconcile a hurting couple, while trying to keep their own family together.

The Turkey and the Hen: A Thanksgiving Love Story: Family Animation
Attachment: Phil Roman, Creator of the Simpsons, as a consultant

A pampered, proud and naive turkey hen, descended from turkey royalty but displaced to a chicken coop, must test her true mettle as she undertakes a mission through the wilderness to rescue her turkey fiancé, free her relatives, and bring them to the Promised Land.


The Magic Pen: Comedy
A neurotic screenwriter obsessed with making it in Hollywood finds a magic pen that writes masterpieces, catapulting him to instant fame and fortune, but at the expense of his conscience and the love of his life.


Status Update: Romantic Comedy
Jealous of the lifestyles that her family and friends on Facebook are living, a woman concocts phony status updates to outdo them, even going so far as to stage events where she pretends she is living the life she writes about in her status updates. But she loses everything when her scheme unravels.

Cell Phone Addict: Comedy/Romantic Comedy
Attachment: Actress Jenn Gotzon (Frost/Nixon, Doonby, Number 2 on the Star Meter)

What happens when the marketing director of a large cell phone company is addicted to his cell phone, and gets himself in hot water with his family, his co-workers, and the love of his life? Trouble on a hilarious scale!


For the Love of Freedom: Documentary
Compelled by love. Driven by duty. And pressed to fight. These were ordinary young men who did extraordinary things for the love of freedom. They were the heroes of World War II. (Director Jeffrey Worthington attached, funding needed:


The Czar's Letters
In 1916-1917, two brothers in the Russian military must lead an expedition commissioned by the Czar to find Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat, and get the evidence back to the Czar and the Russian people before the Bolsheviks completely overrrun the country. Based on a true story.

Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers: The Dan Wooding Story
British Christian journalist Dan Wooding went from working for Billy Graham’s newspaper, The Christian, to a period in the British tabloids, becoming embroiled in the tabloid life and all the vices that went along with it. He hit rock bottom, until God turned his life around in a powerful way. He then used his journalistic skills to be a voice for the voiceless and persecuted church around the world, risking his life many times to bring about both personal and political changes. A true story based on Dan Wooding's book "From Tabloid to Truth." Rick Wakeman of the rock group "Yes" signed on to do the score.

The Doctor: Nazi Period Drama
Contest Placement: Winner of the Life Fest Film Festival
News Release:
Winner of the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival News Release:

In Depression-era and Nazi Germany, a Hitler Youth, bent on achieving success in the face of his father's suicide, becomes a high-ranking psychiatrist in Hitler's euthanasia program. But when Hitler's plan extends to the doctor's own mental patients, the doctor must finally choose between his moral conscience and his loyalty to Hitler and the values of Nazi Germany.

The Woman at the Well: Religious Period Drama
In a world where women are marginalized, a Samaritan woman goes through a string of husbands in an attempt to find wealth and power, creating havoc in both Samaria and Jerusalem. Having made a mess of her life, she finally comes to a place of brokenness, and is ready to encounter the Messiah at Jacob's well and find her true "Prince."


Limo Driver: Drama
The heartfelt relationship between a limo driver and a sick passenger, who both help each other to have faith and persevere through life’s trials. Inspired by true events.


That’s Amore: Short Drama
Contest Placement: Top Ten Finalist in the Mafia Short Script Competition sponsored by Pavaline Studios

A mafia hitman learns compassion after he befriends the widower of the woman he killed in a hit.

The Coat (or The Doc of Main Street): Drama - Short Film, ½ Hour Teleplay, or Internet Series
Contest Placement: Quarterfinalist in the American Gem Short Screenplay Competition

An arrogant doctor obsessed with materialism discovers the true meaning of Christmas after his expensive fur coat is stolen by an angry street bum.


The Battle for the Kingdom: Fantasy
A hopelessly romantic teenage girl and her rebellious brother experience adventure, romance and the battle between good and evil when they become characters in a video game.


Supermom: Sci-Fi Action-Adventure/Comedy
Supermom, one of the Superhumans, must go to Earth to fight the evil Egoman, a Superhuman who has kidnapped two of her orphan children and plans to enslave Earth. The only problem is that all Superhumans are outlawed from Earth. Supermom must find Egoman before Supermom herself is captured and deported back to Mars. In the process, Supermom wins the affections of Earth’s people and of Jennifer Williams, who had banished all Superhumans to Mars eight years ago.


Harry and Marge: Drama-Comedy
Contest Placement (Play Version): Third Place out of several hundred of the top plays in North America submitted to the Humana Festival of New American Plays, for the Actors’ Theatre of Louisville, KY

A couple on the verge of divorce is trapped in a remote wilderness location and must confront and overcome the demons of their past. In doing so, they achieve a spiritual awakening, find out what true love really means, and renew their commitment to each other.


Finding Mary: Horror-Drama
Ron Queen, a skeptic turned Christian, must put his Christianity into practice as he goes on a worldwide search for his wife, Mary, a demon-possessed amnesiac.