On Saturday, April 14, 2018, Trinity Bible Church presented the short film "Living the Dream", produced by Ambassador Communications (Sun City West, AZ residents Terry Porter and Claire Hutchinson), and written and directed by Claire Hutchinson. The film is a comedy about a man who moves to Sun City West and struggles to compete with his brother, gets bad advice, and loses the woman he loves and all his money. The film stars Sun City West residents Keith Fowler, Cheryl Haakenson, Peter Meyer, Donna Meyer, and introduces George Kuchtyak as Gary Moore. The Director of Photography is Eric Andresen. The Music Composer is David Silberman (

Reviews of "Living the Dream":

"A hilarious and yet meaningful Christian comedy. Cheryl Haakenson does a wonderful job in her debut performance. Loved the film."

"Dear Claire, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed watching your film last night! It was so well scripted and crafted and the characters were really believable! And even more, I so much appreciate the Spirit behind the message and the fact that you and Terry are involved in creating Christian films! Thank you for doing this for the world. I can’t wait to see the next one! Blessings, Maggie."

The film was so well received when it debuted in Sun City West that we have been asked to do special showings of the film at churches. It includes a presentation on the Christian film industry and the importance of Christian film, and a Q & A with the actors. If you would like us to show the film at your church, please email

To purchase a DVD copy of "Living the Dream," please click the button below. The price is $5.99 + Shipping:

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Lucky's Treasure

The film written by Claire Hutchinson and starring Michael Ironside ("Top Gun", "Total Recall") entitled "Lucky's Treasure" is now available on,, and

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