Screenwriting and Screenplay Marketing Workshop

We are excited! We will be holding a "Screenwriting and Screenplay Marketing Workshop" for Christian screenwriters in Phoenix from Friday, November 2 to Saturday, November 3, 2018.

The workshop will be led by multiple award-winning screenwriter/producer Claire Hutchinson and her husband, WGA agent/producer Terry Porter.

We believe that having this workshop will inspire another generation of writers to use their writing to fulfill the Great Commission of spreading the gospel throughout the world. In this modern generation, we have to use all means at our disposal to get the gospel out there: we do it through screenwriting and filmmaking. This workshop will increase writers’ comprehension of screenwriting, the film world, and the filmmaking process and will give them the tools they need to make an impact for Christ through writing and film.

Workshop Sessions

By Claire Hutchinson

Produced and multiple award-winning screenwriter, script analyst and producer Claire Hutchinson, M.A., will teach a 6-hour session on Screenwriting: How to create unforgettable characters, create great dialogue, and weave inspirational themes into your work all the while being aware of the unique structure of screenwriting. In addition, she will teach her famous workshop on marketing your screenplay, drawn from her own journey to success with the film she wrote, "Lucky's Treasure" (distributed by Pureflix and Universal).

Breakdown of the sessions:

Claire will use examples from noted screenwriters and filmmakers as well as from her own scripts in order draw out the elements that go into creating unforgettable characters that will engage their audiences. In addition, in any script, story structure is one of the keys to creating a script that is suspenseful, climactic, and engaging to the reader and film audience. Claire will use charts and video clips to discuss the key elements of story structure as they apply to film. Claire will use film clips and examples from screenplays to show how to create emotional and engaging scenes and dialogue that will keep audiences interested. The final 1.5 hours of the course will be spent teaching on how to market your script, whether you live inside or outside of Hollywood. Students will analyze script scenes and film clips, participate in writing exercises, and work on their screenplay marketing plans.

By Terry Porter

Well-known WGA signatory agent and producer, Terry Porter, has presented several popular, sold-out workshops on "How Hollywood Works”. This workshop discloses the inside tips on what makes Hollywood run and the art of the Hollywood deal, how Hollywood studios are structured, the roles of agents, managers, publicists, casting directors and guilds in making Hollywood run, how to get representation, how to contract producers, directors and writers, and how a production is structured. He will also discuss how to avoid the shark pit. Important contacts, samples and do’s and don’ts will also be provided. Terry’s production company is Ambassador Communications. He is WGA agent, a former musician with the Lemon Pipers (“My Green Tamborine”), and an artist.

By Terry Porter

Well-known WGA signatory agent and producer, Terry Porter, has presented several popular, sold-out workshops on "How to Get an Agent" and "What Agents Want to See”. He will discuss what agents do and how they do it, and how you as a writer can get an agent. He will discuss the relationship between writer and agent; what makes a good logline and synopsis; how to submit a script in proper format and how to know what constitutes a good script; the markets for Christian and secular material; and how to avoid ripoffs as a writer. Terry’s production company is Ambassador Communications. He is WGA agent, a former musician with the Lemon Pipers (“My Green Tamborine”), and an artist.


At the end of the sessions, writers will be able to pitch their screenplay or concept to WGA agent and producer, Terry Porter. Terry has connections with all of the major studios, production companies, and Christian producers. If Terry likes the pitch, he will request the script and consider it for representation.



Portrait of Claire Hutchinson


Claire Hutchinson received her B.A. (Honours) in English from the University of Winnipeg and her M.A. in English from the University of Manitoba. Claire has two screenwriting certificates from UCLA, and she is a produced and award-winning screenwriter, script analyst, film festival judge, speaker, and producer. Her screenplay, “The Doctor,” won the Grand Prize at Life Fest and the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festivals.

Claire has consulted for companies such as Living Water Media, Visual Productions, Worthington Media, CV Films, and Abel Company. Here is a video endorsement of her script analysis services from Emmy and Telly award winner Jonathan Abel at

Her credits included “Tomorrow” (2018), “The Thought of You” (2018), “Living the Dream” (2018), “Lucky’s Treasure” (2017) and “Waves” (2015). “Lucky’s Treasure” stars Michael Ironside (“Top Gun”, “Total Recall”) and is distributed by Pureflix Entertainment (“God’s Not Dead”) and Universal Studios. Claire also judges ICVM Scene Shop, 168 Film Festival, 168 Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition, and Life Fest Film Festival.

Claire’s latest script, “Tomorrow”, was filmed in June of 2018 and will be released at the 168 Film Festival in August in Los Angeles.

Her goal is to write uplifting family friendly and Christian screenplays, and to inspire and equip screenwriters and producers to proclaim the gospel throughout the world.


Portrait of Terry Porter

For almost 30 years, Terry Porter has been a WGA signatory agent, representing screenwriters, producers, composers, and actors through Agape Productions and The Terry Porter Agency. Some of the companies he has sold projects to include CBS, NBC, ABC, Turner Network, and Larry Levinson Productions. Terry was a distributor of The Door’s Always Open, the co-executive producer of An Animator’s Life: The Phil Roman Story, and associate producer of Hollywood on Fire. As co-owner of Ambassador Communications with his wife, Claire, he is the co-producer of the Christian comedy film entitled Living the Dream, which released in 2018. He is currently developing an extensive film slate which includes “The Doctor” (about the euthanasia campaign in Nazi Germany) and “Caleb the Colt” (animated musical). Terry’s background also includes playing drums for the Lemon Pipers, who had the number two hit in the nation in 1967 with “My Green Tambourine.” He ran an independent record company (Flat Rock Records), and operated his own music booking agency for several years. Among the individuals with whom he has worked in the past are jazz artists Billy Cobham, George Duke and Weather Report and award-winning blues artists Yank Rachell and Pat Webb. Terry also managed famed R&B gospel artist Darlene Day, and Christian gospel artists, Susan Jansen and Alexandria.

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